Presentation coaching

Develop a Framework for Presentions and Build Organic Confidence

The best presentation you will ever give should be like watching your favorite movie. You know, the one you have seen 50 times but everytime it pops up you can’t help but watch it again. Why?  The narrative is engaging, the characters are relatable and there is always a new lesson to be learned. You realize that even though we are all different, often we are all fighting for the same thing.

Your presentations can be just as engaging and just as inspiring. The key is to focus on the experience, not the slides, and define how you want people to feel even after you leave the room. Goudie Media has a unique framework for constructing presentations in a way that appeals to your audience while also delivering organic confidence to the speaker.

From an earnings call to a TED Talk, people want information to be delivered in visual, memorable ways. Speakers should strive to blend data and emotion in order to capture both the head and the heart. You need to answer tough questions on the spot but not always reveal too much.  We solve for that with infrastructure that brings out the best in both content and delivery. A framework that can be used every day as a way to stay in the zone for both the big presentations and the unexpected meetings.

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