Media Training

Position Yourself To Be An Influential Teacher

Media is a wide open channel of opportunity but most people fear it more than swimming with sharks. That fear stems from the perception that speaking with reporters is a game you lose the minute you give a wrong answer.  In reality, interviews provide a compelling way to teach, build relationships and grow your business, especially with those you have yet to serve.

The key to success is to have a tried and true method that allows you to control the variables and thus better control your outcomes. The Goudie Five Step Method is globally respected and based on years of media coaching and the perspective that only real life journalists can bring.

Goudie Media teaches the importance of a strong opening, the essential nature of authentic tone and the power of examples that people just can’t stop thinking about. The goal is to position yourself to be an influential teacher, not the student taking a test. Success comes down to three practical words: simple, visual and memorable. This is how you offer a new perspective that will change perceptions, motivate behavior change and spur investment in what you do.

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