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Use The Power of Creativity In a Large Group Learning Experience

Enter The Headliners. Uniquely entertaining communications training delivered through the intriguing blend of humor, music and education. We use humor to disarm your fears, music to stir your soul and decades of global experience to strengthen your leadership voice. The Headliners deliver an experience that attendees at your conference or retreat will never forget. And isn’t that the true goal of learning?

This is the engagement era where people crave an experience, not a lecture. The Headliners was designed as a fresh new way to use the power of creativity in a large group learning experience. This top tier event will unite your teams, uplift morale and let everyone in your organization know that their unique contributions are vital and meaningful.

Staged with the quality of a Broadway show, The Headliners write the comedy, and the music, to be customized for your group, and this moment in time. The strategic Goudie Media Method remains at the core of what people will learn along with fun interactive audience role play. People who have experienced The Headliners have said it was the best training they have attended in 25 years. We are still waiting for our Tony award nominations. Watch this space.

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