Learn How To Handle The Tough Questions and Protect Your Brand

The news cycle moves at warp speed and when something bad happens, years of reputation building can come tumbling down in minutes. Crisis preparation is foundational in our social media world. At Goudie Media, we strengthen the healing nature of your core story, the ability of your leaders to handle tough questions and the emotional tone needed to protect your brand. When the spotlight is bright, the story must be right.

Goudie Media has been on the front line of crisis management for three decades. We have helped companies face the tragedy of a plane crash, the chaos of a product recall and the impact of natural disasters. We teach our clients to lead with trust, control quotes and create teachable moments that encourage others to own the solution in a collaborative way.

Having a communication method allows for faster response in a way that also controls the unknowns. To practice our method, we design actual crisis situations that clients could face. During on-camera practice, special attention is paid to authentic delivery, positive bridging  and use of forward thinking verbal pictures to balance tough images of the actual crisis. We believe that crisis is when we find out who we really are and what we are capable of doing. With the right training, people can find the courage to do things better.

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