Core story creation

Your Core Story is Essential to Strategy Execution and Performance.

Every time you speak, you face an army of “citizen reporters.” Suddenly, what is said in the hallway can instantly be shared online by a listener. The key to personal best depends upon your ability to draw from your core story, even at a moment’s notice. The story that represents what you stand for and why your work matters. The story that allows you to be an inspirational  teacher, not just a teller.

Your core story, or central narrative, is essential to strategy execution and performance. If strategy is the imaginative art of getting someone to do something then your story is the essential link to the doer. Stories are how we connect and learn about our world in a safe and relevant way. However, to deliver a story authentically, you have to have a hand in shaping it. That is because the most impactful stories come from real life experiences and moments of true revelation.

Goudie Media has a unique story building template that can be used for presentations, road shows, podcasts, rebranding and developing leadership platforms. The template is simple, practical and modeled after the way screenwriters and novelists create a story arc. There is nothing more powerful than a simple story that can be simply told by others. It creates a cascade of influence in the most humanistic way possible.

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