Caylen Bufalino

Communication Coach

Caylen Bufalino teaches a strategic way to create impactful messaging in a Twitter world. She offers ten years of experience working with leaders and consumer advocates in the world of food, technology and healthcare.

Bufalino began her career as an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger. She traveled the country in the beloved Wienermobile, using communication as a way to raise brand awareness for Kraft Foods. She went on to work for both Edelman and Weber Shandwick Public Relations. In her agency work, Bufalino created and executed campaigns for large brands including Microsoft, the National Pork Board and Dairy Management Inc.

Bufalino is known for her ability to create, amplify and connect messages to media, consumers and stakeholders. As a member of Goudie Media Services, Bufalino has helped take leading technology companies public, trained the new class of spokespeople for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and coached engineers who worked on the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370. Bufalino is a graduate of the University of Missouri and currently lives in Chicago with her husband and son Henry. She is passionate about running, healthy cooking and the local food scene. 

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