Strategic Communications

We live in the age of ideas. A time when there is so much to say but so little time to listen. The road to impact is paved by communication that is compelling, practical and relevant.


Connection is a word that has taken on new meaning in a world sometimes without a real handshake. Nurturing and growing relationships is determined by how well you can engage through the tiny green dot at the top of your computer screen or six feet apart at the conference table. You have to learn the language of pictures, not just the language of words. Your personal narrative becomes the roadmap for your journey. The potential for growth comes down to figuring out how to adapt in this new world before others figure it out for you. Your ability to engage and connect is the key to creating impact and strengthening leadership voice. We have created a method that guides people into what we call: “the best version of you.” People use our method when merging companies, launching products, managing crisis and boosting brand reputation. It is still the age of ideas and the era of experience. Your communication should take you there and encourage your audience to follow. 


Media Training

The Goudie Five Step Method is globally respected and based on years of media coaching and the perspective that only real life journalists can bring.

Presentation Coaching

Goudie Media has a unique framework for constructing presentations in a way that appeals to your audience while also delivering organic confidence to the speaker.

Leadership Development

People like to follow those who know where they are going and solid communication creates a leadership north star.

Keynote Performances

Uniquely entertaining communications training delivered through the intriguing blend of humor, music and education.

Crisis Management

Crisis preparation is foundational in our social media world. At Goudie Media, we strengthen the healing nature of your core story, the ability of your leaders to handle tough questions and the emotional tone needed to protect your brand.

Core Story Creation

Goudie Media has a unique story building template that can be used for presentations, road shows, podcasts, rebranding and developing leadership platforms.


Caylen Bufalino

Communications Coach

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Leading The Way With Coaching

Where You Want It, When You Want It

The full impact of the Goudie method can be achieved from the comfort of your home office, your corporate headquarters or the conference site of your choice. Learning to connect with others will always be at the core of what we teach, even in our changing virtual world. Whether it is your CEO preparing for media, your subject matter expert preparing for a presentation or reacting to the latest global crisis, we are here for you.